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Are you an owner of any local computer institute/training centre? Are you willing to open a nationally renowned Computer Institute? GIIT is the best option. Go4 GIIT Franchisee...

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Who WE Are ?

The main aim of Global Institute of Information Technology is to overcome the basic weak points of trainees, the point which is raised by all and sundry is that the trainning dispit being good, they fail to register anything as they afraid to ask probably a question which might "silly".

Our Activities

Global institute of information technology® trusted name of educational sector plays vital role for improving social awareness among SC/ST students.


Our Certification

We Have Certification from Almost all the necessary department of government.....


Our Facilities



Welcome to GIIT

The main aim of Global Institute of Information Technology® is to overcome the basic weak points of trainees, the point which is raised by all and sundry is that the training despite being good


Our Works


GIIT-ISO Certification


Karnataka State Open University


Zee Institute of Creative Art, Noida


Microsoft Certification


Certification of Microsoft & Cyberlearning


Turba College Association


Shobhit University Affiliation


Scholarship Letter from TIT College, Bhopal


Auth Testing Centre of Microsoft Office


Doeacc & NIELIT Approval


Name & Logo Copyright Certification


Copyright Logo


Ministry of HRD & Higher Education Dept. CR Letter


Training Partner of NDLM (Govt. of India)


NEISBUD APPROVAL, Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India


Ministry of Micro,Small & Med. Ent, Govt. of India


Project Letter from BMVM, State Govt.


Project Letter from BMVM, State Govt.


Training Letter for State Govt. Employee


State Gov Registration


GIIT Trade License, Govt. of India


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