Who We Are?

Mahesh Prasad
(Managing Director)
The main aim of Global Institute of Information Technology is to overcome the basic weak points of trainees, the point which is raised by all and sundry is that the trainning dispit being good, they fail to register anything as they afraid to ask probably a question which might "silly". Global Institute of Information Technology would specifically look into this as their main strategy to bring a comfortable learning environment so that the trainees feel at ease while they learn.

The second strategy is to teach more on computers itself ensuring that the trainees get full hands of experience on Computers.

In order to meet the emerging challenges of the new century, the institutions has introduced manimportanty courses. It has produced highly qualified computer professionals who are holding positions in India and abroad. Institute is Continuously maintaining its quality education and training by giving the right guidance to the students to crack various fields and competitive examinations

Our third strategy is to giive practice opportunity to a person who had already done computer but not have such type of facility given by any computer institute.

Needless to mention that the Global Institute of Information Technology  has been working for the welfare of SC/ST minorities and other economically weak groups.  Global Institute of Information Technology has wide range of Placement opportunities.

The last and final strategy is to teach housewives, senior Persons and children, the courses specifically designed by our experienced faculties, which is totally with fun, knowledge and information.